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I enjoyed the MAJOR reunion of The Heads of Edge, @TheCurtHawkins & @ZackRyder. #RAW

What if they turned off friendly fire from firearms, but not grenades? That might help fix the problem.


heck!! l know l do this often but…l friggin’ loved to work on this pic lol <3 <3 such a beautiful character and such a great idea to work with <3 enjoying a relaxing rainy night <3

Character (Echo) belongs to: echowolfc (FA/DA) Thank youuuu <3

Got myself a job interview in an hour, if all goes well, I’ll have some income again 🙂

Halo 3 custom games can always bring me out of ANY shitty mood.

The game mode is called Smear the Queer by the way, in case you wanted to be offended for some reason.

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